Erika Dannmayr Osteopathy

Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy in Beckenham

What to Expect

What to expect

The first appointment lasts approximately an hour and includes a case history, examination and treatment.

The case history includes details of the present symptoms, general health and medical history.

This is followed by a physical examination including observation of posture and some simple movements. Next I use my palpation skills to feel any disturbances of joint mobility and tissue strains. Further testing such as blood pressure monitoring or neurological testing may also be necessary. Once the examination is complete, I discuss my findings with you and outline a treatment plan before proceeding to the treatment.

Treatment includes a variety of techniques tailored to suit your individual needs. Such techniques include joint manipulation, stretching, massage and cranial osteopathy. In most cases treatment is gentle. Some techniques, however may feel a little uncomfortable when treating an inflamed area, so I encourage your feed back to enable me to adapt my treatment to make you feel more comfortable. I may also give some advice on improving your posture and exercises that will speed your recovery and help prevent the problem returning in the future.

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are usually required and these last approximately 30 minutes. The number of treatments depend upon many factors for example the structures involved, how long the symptoms have been present, as well as lifestyle, posture, age and general health. A course of treatment is usually recommended and sometimes regular treatment for chronic or reoccurring problems is beneficial.

Some outer layers of clothing may need to be removed in order to exam and treat you. Some treatment is done through clothing so wearing loose layers is ideal.

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you, if you would like them to be with you during your session. Please note that children are required to have an adult chaperone them during the treatment sessions.

Finally, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding you treatment, during the session or if you think of something later just give me a call.

Current covid-19 policy

We will need to rearrange your appointment if you are diagnosed with, or develop symptoms of Covid-19 in the ten days before your appointment, or if you have been in close contact with anyone who has.

Please be reassured, strict hygiene measures continue to be adhered to in accordance with the Institute of Osteopathy guidelines.

Face masks are no longer mandatory in this setting, but may be required in certain situations based on  individual risk assessment and or patient preference. If you have an underlying health issue putting you at higher risk of developing complications from Covid-19, or prefer we both wear face masks, please let me know.

Whilst, the above measures have been put in place to protect us all, they cannot guarantee a risk-free environment. You must consider this when deciding to come in for treatment; With regard to your own health, as well as those you have contact with.