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What Does It Mean To Abide By Agreement

San Diego County health workers knew schools were still closed when they made their decision to stay. The questions you ask have nothing to do with the meaning of the word “stay.” As @phenry has already said, the clause you have quoted simply requires that you comply with the terms of use (ToS) of the company concerned. North Korea must show that it is serious and that it is ready to meet its commitments, especially with regard to denuclearization. It is the text of (a) of the rest of the contract that contains this clause and (b) terms of use that determine the obligations you have in the event of infringement or performance of the contract itself and the ToS. If you`re worried, you need to see a lawyer. He keeps asking his listeners to follow county protocols, even though Justin Hart, a digital strategist, said the masks would not help stem the spread. Louis was determined to respect the original contract and said his wife`s foreign train was too big. Broussard was not one to hold such a defeat. Guaderrama told VOSD that Allied Universal Guards is required to follow MTS` body camera policy and that the contractor, such as MTS, identifies and provides on-demand recordings. It has become clear that many aspects of client interaction need to be digitized in order to comply with measures of social disinterest. But London cannot be reprimanded; such is the nature of man. medium English, return to the old English ab`dan, prefix a, perfective -b`dan “to offer, wait”; a- (even a, ǣ- under stress in nominal derivatives) similar borders on the old, perfect prefix, old – , (without charge a-) and probably old, extreme, missing (in nominary compounds), ” viola and ancient Saxon, or, the ancient German ar, ir, the inchoring verb without the prefix sound, your “out, far from,” Alt-Norse-r-, “of, from, from,” from, when pre-German english “ud-s-similar to the old”out” – more at entrance 1, bide, bear, suffering, posture, tolerance, stand, do something of pain or pain.

The bear usually involves obtaining strength without shaking or breaking. Forced to endure a tragic loss, this often indicates more acceptance or passivity than courage or patience. To suffer many insults means that the trials and difficulties remain firm or determined. Years of rejection suggest acceptance without resistance or protest. cannot tolerate their incivility, overcome or successfully control to resist an impulse, avoid or annoy something hurtful or in bad taste. refused to tolerate such a level of treatment further underscores the ability to endure without duplication or moaning. The comments of the users of this dictionary suggest that many people who are interested in the meaning of speech are motivated by one of two quite different things: the Bible, in which Jesus, for example, calls his disciples to “stay in me”; and the film The Big Lebowski, in which Jeffrey Lebowski (aka “The Dude”) proclaims: “The Dude remains.” Both the film and the book have done much to keep the word in general usage. Although the sources are completely different, each of these specific examples is used as defined by the first intransitative meaning: “stay stable or fixed in a state.” In saying, “Stay in me,” Jesus asks his disciples to remain constant in their relationship with Him. The exact meaning of “The Guy Remains” is the subject of some debate, but there is obviously an idea that Lebowski`s consistency himself – metaphysically perhaps – is affirmed.