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Koronivia Agreement On Agriculture

We cannot delay the fight against climate change because climate change is not frozen. The year 2020 remains crucial to progress in the field of climate emergency and to halt biodiversity loss. The more we manage the health of our ecosystems, the better we manage human health. In this regard, KJWA can contribute by strengthening the unique role that agriculture can play in the fight against climate change while ensuring food security. Earlier this year, the roadmap for joint agricultural work koronivias (KJWA) was concluded at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), to be held in Glasgow in November 2020. Countries should report on the progress made since the creation of the 2017 pioneering agreement and reach a conclusion on what to do with Koronivia after 2020. The COP`s decision asks the SBSTA and the implementing body (SBI) to […] To jointly address agricultural issues, including through workshops and expert meetings, cooperation with the Convention`s bodies and the vulnerability of agriculture to climate change, and approaches to combating food security. Parties and observers were also invited to present their views on what should be included in this work by the end of March 2018, including how to implement the results of the five workshops held following a request from SBSTA in June 2014 (see information on the second OCP/ecbi climate and agriculture seminar, Sept. 2017).

Working closely with the UNFCCC and other international and national actors, FAO is committed to developing and implementing KJWA. FAO helps countries adapt to and mitigate climate change through webinars, workshops and knowledge products that enable UNFCCC agricultural experts to prepare their submissions and exchange informal views on how the decision can be developed and implemented. It seems that we have been asking agricultural experts from around the world for a long time what will happen to Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, but it was only in September 2019. In the run-up to COP 26, they said that the implementation and mobilization of resources was essential and that a broader network of partnerships and women`s involvement was needed.