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Hrsa Subordination Agreement

d. The cost-solution involved. The indirect cost recognition agency must conduct all necessary negotiations with an educational institution on the amounts of review questioned by the federal government, which amount to the cost of a negotiated agreement. 9. The pre-fixed rate refers to an indirect cost rate applicable for a given period, current or future, generally the exercise of government unit. This rate is based on an estimate of costs covering costs during the period. Except in very unusual circumstances, a predetermined rate is not subject to any adjustment. (Due to legal constraints, pre-defined rates are not allowed for federal contracts, but may be used for grants or cooperation contracts.) Pre-defined rates should not be used by government units that have not submitted and negotiated the sentence with the Indirect Costs Agency. Given the potential benefits of this procedure, negotiating pre-set rates for indirect costs over a period of two to four years should be the norm in cases where cost experience and other relevant elements are deemed sufficient to allow the parties to make an informed judgment about the foreseeable level of indirect costs in the resulting accounting periods. (e) In order to promote greater profitability and efficiency, and in line with efforts to promote cost-effective use of common services across the federal government, the non-federal agency is encouraged to enter into intergovernmental government and intergovernmental agreements or intergovernmental agreements or intergovernmental agreements, where appropriate for the purchase or use of common or common goods and services. one. is related to the awarding or execution of a grant, cooperation agreement or public contract; If a fixed rate is negotiated in advance for one year (or another period), the over-or-sub-debt for that year may be included as an adjustment to indirect costs (R-D) for the next interest rate negotiation. If the sentence is negotiated before the conference adjustment is set, the amount of the presentation can be applied to the next interest rate negotiation.

When such adjustments are to be made, each pre-negotiated fixed rate is calculated for a specified period by calculating the expected indirect costs (R-D), which are reasonable on federal premiums for the forecast period, plus or minus the pre-accounted or undercover adjustment of the previous period based on the allocation of forecasts.