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Agreement Illustration

When reviewing your illustration contract, think about this: as an illustrator, you don`t really sell art, but reproduction rights. It is in your best interest to restrict the client`s rights as much as possible and to keep most of them to himself. A clause indicating what rights are actually acquired is essential, and that is what this example does. It shows how the image is used, in which territories (for example. B North America; North America and Canada; English language; World etc.), the period (1. pressure; 4 months; 10 years; permanent; etc.) and all other rights restrictions. In addition, there is also a question of exclusivity vs. non-exclusivity. As with most illustration problems, it is best to limit exclusivity whenever possible, although most customers want it as long as the work exists in the purchased period, so as not to have any conflicts. Electronic rights should also be more money, but today it is a difficult struggle, as most customers also expect to have some kind of web rights or electronic devices. Good luck if you can get extra money for it, though! The original art remains the property of the artist, unless the agreement is expressed. Fireside is responsible for the restitution of the original physical art in intact condition within 30 days of the first reproduction.

You must include the agreed tax of the project in such an image contract. In addition, you should include whether or not VAT applies to the provision of services. VAT is rarely collected in your illustration work because an illustrator sells reproduced works and does not sell real art. Therefore, VAT is only levied if you sell both your reproduction rights and illustration work. There are days when you`ll work comfortably from home, even if it`s full of distractions. However, some illustration projects require a little silence and solitude. Don`t rush to look for such spaces if the illustration contract model doesn`t provide the means you need. Nevertheless, you feel free to find such places, even if it means taking a loss as long as you provide quality work that convinces customers to hand you over more projects.