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Agreement Between Artist And Promoter

Here`s the truth – being a promoter is hard work, and if you just get started, you can lose money on many shows. But what you can never do is ask a group to reimburse you for your expenses, if the show has not earned enough money to recover everything. That is the risk that a developer takes. There may be a strange particular case, such as renting a ton of special equipment in which the group could be asked to cover the costs, but 99% of the time, if you lose money for a show, you lose money in a show. Keep a close eye on your expenses and the bands you book, and you`ll find a formula that works for you. Maintaining good relations with promoters is absolutely necessary. Be realistic over your expectations when you go into a show. If your band is in the construction phase, you can play a lot of very small shows that don`t make you money, and in fact it can cost money. If this happens to you, make sure it`s really the developer`s fault before burning this bridge. A good promoter can really help you. Even if a certain show wasn`t complete, if you have a good attitude, this promoter will want to work with you again. Be professional, and remember to see each show is an advertising tool for you and your group.

Both parties agree to make their own tax contributions and to comply with all health and safety rules, regulations and agreements. A deal may include either a package or a door fission agreement. That`s right — a split-carrier agreement can pull a group and a promoter out of the pocket at the end of the evening, but for emerging groups and developers, it`s a very fair deal. If there is a gain, everyone contributes to it, and if it does not, everyone shares the risk. The music organizers will be in charge of promoting an upcoming convention in their local media (press, radio, websites), but they need some information from the group. Most promoters will request CDs and copies of a group biography so they can create a promotional package. Organizers will often ask a group (or their label) to make posters for the organizer to promote the show, although this is ordered on a case-by-case basis – some promoters prefer to make their own posters.